Rx: Take 2 of These Tracks & Play ‘Em Till the Morning


Amidst pursuing his career in naturopathic medicine, the artist BENTZ digs deep to stay true to himself and his love for hip hop music.

Driven by his passion for music, entertaining, and hip-hop culture, BENTZ collaborates with some of today’s most promising artists to break through into the industry.

“It just didn’t feel right”, says BENTZ, “getting to this stage of my life without releasing the 25 plus tracks I had been sitting on that had been percolating over the past couple years.”

“You know you can have your career”, he continues… “and you can have passion for your career & even be great at your career… but then you can have an even deeper passion inside you, driving you… that should never be ignored, but needs to be acknowledged, listened to, nurtured, and developed”, BENTZ comments.

BENTZ is currently working on tracks with Toronto’s J Staffz, a rising super-producer having done work for Wiz Khalifa, G-Unit, YMCMB, and many others.  Some of his work is based out of LA as well, as he takes regular flights to complete works with David Snow, a well-known producer for up-and-coming LA artists and creative director for Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and the Jonas Brothers to name a few.

With all the traction happening with his music, BENTZ still manages to stay focused on his career as a naturopathic Dr. and his company B.N.Z. Elite Performance Medicine designed to help highly performing musicians, actors, athletes, and corporate executives optimize their peak performance. “I got sick and tired of seeing people, especially my friends, acquaintances, and people in Hollywood turn to drug use to help them cope with the stress and pressures of life and their careers. I knew there was a better way and that I could teach them how to take the edge off while achieving peak performance through naturopathic medicine.”

BENTZ’s fresh and clean delivery lays conscious lyrics on a diverse arrangement of beats ranging from harder-hitting electro-industrial sounds to chilled-out and soothing electronica. The result is synth-dominated progressive hip-hop, or “next level hip-hop” as the rapper himself calls it. The music stays trippy and embodies a hustle and grind work ethic while staying grounded, and gospel influence shines through to lighten the delivery.

Lacing electric beats with organic lyrics, a new sound has evolved that embodies the heart and soul of his home town Vancouver, BC and its serene surroundings. Amidst gang wars, sky-rocketing real estate, and corporate expanse emerges rap that is good for the soul whether you’re in the streets, home, or in the boardroom.

BENTZ is currently completing works on a solo mixtape EP series. BENTZ’s previous works involve writing, vocals, and co-production on the late Q-Theory’s Design by Chance [2006], and YYoga Community’s Listen to Understand Volumes 1 & 2 [2010 & 2011].



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Sep 2 '17

BENTZ Teams Up With Grammy Award Winning Masterers! 

BENTZ has joined forces with Lurssen Mastering in LA to complete the J Staffz produced single, Risin' Up, set to drop this fall!  Lurssen Mastering is well established in the LA area, known for mastering Pharrell's Happy video and for having worked with many other high level artists.  BENTZ has had Gavin Lurssen himself master the track and plans to meet with him this mid-November to discuss further works.  


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by Dr. BENTZ